Five Fetishes You Might Not Know You Have

We celebrated National Fetish Day by researching fetishes we didn't know existed.

Five Fetishes You Might Not Know You Have

January 20th was National Fetish Day. And if you’re like us, you may be wondering “what’s the difference between a kink and a fetish?” If you wanna get technical, a kink refers to a sexual action you participate in, whereas a fetish is an internalized attraction to an inanimate object, or anything not traditionally sexual. Turns out, just about everything is a fetish. We’ve all heard of foot fetishes, but here are 5 more you might not have heard of. 

1. Objectum Sexuality (/əbˈjekt/um /ˌsekSHəˈwalədē/)

If a guy tells you he's attracted to his car, he might not be joking. Objectum sexuality is the most basic definition of a fetish-- it is simply a feeling of sexual attraction to an inanimate object. This goes for cars, lingerie, even statues or landmarks.

2. Sploshing (/spläSH/ing)

Sploshing (also referred to as Wet and Messy, or WAM) is the official term for being lathered in food, paint, lotion, soap-- basically anything messy. There are several websites dedicated to documented sploshing, with content that is both nude and fully clothed. Clean up on aisle 5.

3. Quirophilia (/ˌkyo͝orōˈfilēə/)

Probably one of the most common fetishes, quirophilia is the attraction to hands. We're pretty sure every straight woman has a thing for men's hands...there are even Instagram accounts dedicated to hot guys holding books, multiple coffee cups, and power tools. Lets just hope they know how to use them.

4. Spectrophilia (/ˈspektrəˈfilēə/)

Sex so good it defies the laws of physics. People with spectrophilia experience sexual attraction, interaction, and sometimes satisfaction, with ghosts. Gives a whole new meaning to "a bump in the night." Ooooooh.

5. Autogynephilia (/ˌôdōˈjīno/ˈfilēə/)

This long winded term means you are turned on by the idea of yourself as the opposite gender. Traditionally this term refers to men fantasizing about the female version of themselves, but can certainly be applied to all genders. If you look so good in drag you start to have a crush on your alterego, you might have autogynephilia.


How will you be celebrating your fetish today?

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