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5 Reasons To Get All Oiled Up

Our soothing body oil is what wet dreams are made...

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talk to us about coming out

It’s National Coming Out Day so we asked a couple friends...

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world mental health day

Today is World Mental Health Day. Mental illness doesn't discriminate....

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hot takes to go, ep 1: eating ass

Hot Takes To Go— getting real with strangers on the...

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how do you feel about hand jobs?

We asked our community to weigh in on this "first...

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BDSM: A beginners guide

BDSM. 4 little letters with a whole lot of meaning....

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swapping spit after giving head

When someone goes down there, and comes up for air......

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are vibrators desensitizing to your clitoris?

on the episode of FEAST ON THIS with internet's resident...

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asking queer creators about the impact of queer art

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of Stonewall, the historical uprising that...

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world kamasutra day

It’s World Kamasutra Day… so naturally we had to go in...

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what was your queer awakening?

What do Tinkerbell, Nick Jonas, and young Abraham Lincoln have...

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how Luvbites was named the internet's resident sexpert

FEAST ON THIS with the internet's resident sexpert

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we asked our AAPI community: how their ethnicity has affected their sexuality?

It's AAPI Heritage Month, and we're highlighting the stories of...

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