Mile High Vibe

Travel-Friendly Vibrator

  • Body safe FEAST Rabbit
  • Waterproof FEAST Rabbit
  • Nonporous FEAST Rabbit
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    Don’t judge a tool by its size– this vibrator is small but mighty. Capable of ten vibrate patterns and compatible with six interchangeable heads, the possibilities are endless. Its subtle size and discreet carrying bag make it the perfect travel buddy (you can tell TSA it’s a toothbrush).

    Although this multi-talented toy is perfect for solo play, why not think outside the box? We recommend using it with a partner when you wish you had an extra mouth, hand, finger, or tongue. Use it on, in, or around any parts that require extra attention, or a little bit of machinery. Whatever you’re working with, the Buzy will work for you.


    • TSA-approved
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Water Proof
    • Body-Safe
    • Odorless
    • Phthalate-Free
    • Nonporous
    • Travel Friendly aka TSA approved
    • 50 min. battery life


    For the best experience, we recommend cleaning and fully charging your Mile High Vibe before its first use. 

    To charge, connect the USB cable included into your preferred power source. Locate the small charging port on the base of the toy and firmly push the charger jack into it. The charging port may appear too small due to its protective silicone exterior, but it will stretch to accommodate the charger. Your Mile High Vibe will fully charge in 1 hour for a battery life of 50 minutes. (LED light blinks when charging.)


    Silicone heads can be cleaned in a variety of ways. Wash with mild soap and warm water and wipe clean. Do not submerge. Allow to dry completely before storing separately from other toys in a cool, dry place.


    fasten your seatbelt. Turbulance expected.