Is Semen Supposed to Taste...Good?

Much ink has been spilled about how to make your cum taste better, but is that even possible? Is the effort worth it? What’s it supposed to taste like? 

Is Semen Supposed to Taste...Good?

It’s natural, if people are going to be putting your junk in their mouth, to make sure that your stuff tastes good. (And if that hasn’t occurred to you, please let this be your sign to change your ways). A regular-degular shower with soap and water in or on all your precious bits is generally enough to keep things fresh, but what about what comes (not a pun) out of you? Much ink has been spilled about how to make your cum taste better, but is that even possible? Is the effort worth it? What’s it supposed to taste like? For starters, semen is mostly water, and despite what you may have read about it being full of nutrients and protein, there really isn’t much data to back that up, and there’s a limit to what a teaspoon of semen is going to offer you. 

Because most seminal fluid is water (and, not as appealingly plasma and mucus), a lot of people’s cum tastes like nothing, which to be clear, is probably the best outcome possible. Sperm passes through a lot of body parts that we all had to label on worksheets middle school like the vas deferens, but the one that matters the most in regards to taste is the ampulla. The ampulla adds both ergothioneine and fructose, the first of which is an amino acid found in mushrooms— which people have compared the taste of semen to— and the second of which can make cum taste sweet. In order to get sperm where it needs to be in order to make a baby—up an acidic vagina— semen is a tiny bit alkaline, which apparently contributes to its bitter taste. (Look, I’m not a scientist!). If your cum tastes bitter, metallic, or salty, that’s normal and fine! But a lot of people out there are aiming for sweet, sweet semen. 

There is a pervasive theory out there, around since the dawn of chain emails, that eating pineapple or chugging pineapple juice, both of which are acidic, will sweeten out the taste of your cum. Some people have gone so far as to support eating any acidic fruit in order to do this. Not to burst the cum bubble, but this is pretty disputed. Almost every doctor, even the ones who are doubters, are quick to recommend a healthy diet with limited junk food in order to make your own junk food taste better. However, they’re doctors and they love saying stuff like that, so go ahead and take it with a grain of not-doctor-approved salt. Not a one of them has any actual studies to cite saying that eating healthily will make your semen taste better. One doctor pointed out that the foods you eat go through your digestive system and then into your liver and blood, and really aren’t that involved in sperm production. (If your sperm is reddish, then yes, there might be blood in there, and that is likely either a UTI or an STI; please go to a doctor).

To be super clear: there’s no need to put effort into trying to make your jizz taste better. If you want to guzzle pineapple juice or knock back 12 kiwis a day on the off chance it makes your seminal fluid yummy, great! I’m not gonna stop you. Yes, ideally your jizz tastes nice (or like nothing) for your partner, but it’s not like it needs to be a fine dining experience. If someone doesn’t want cum in their mouth, great for them, but the consumption of semen is usually a pretty short-lived experience, and not really about the taste.

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