January Digest

the latest in sex, gender, and politics

January Digest

Another year. Another month. Another Digest.🗞 Swipe for some need to know headlines of January 2023's news in sex, gender and politics— because being informed is sexy. Read up and eat up.

Getting Stoned n' Boned

Many people say they enjoy sex more while high, but do they really? Researchers in North Carolina are trying to nail down the scientific accuracy of this beloved practice. More than 70% of participants reported that cannabis increased desire and orgasm intensity. Of the 500+ women who participated, 40% noted that smoking weed helped them reach multiple orgasms. We'll toke to that.

Free 'Morning After' Pills Avail

With the war on birth control raging on at the capitol, communities in the US are taking matters into their own hands. Bars and coffee shops in Kentucky have started to offer free emergency contraception to citizens without the resources or privacy to buy their own. In addition to these efforts, Julie, an emergency contraception company for the next generation, pledges to donate one free package of their product for every package sold.

Apes Have Sexual Body Language

Scientists wanted to see if humans could discern the natural hand gestures of chimpanzees and bonobos out of context- and over half the time, they could. Turns out 6 million years of evolution isn't long enough to make us forget our primal instincts. Over 50% of participants correctly identified that shaking an object meant "let's have sex." Maybe next time your crush isn't getting the hint, try rattling your purse in their face.

Pride and Plasma

The FDA has relaxed its restrictions on gay and bisexual men donating blood, after over three decades of regulations influenced by the AIDS crisis. Since the 1980s, men who have sex with men have been unable to donate blood, even in states of emergency or during national blood shortages. This has not only negatively affected our healthcare system, but has also further stigmatized queer folks and excluded them from participating in a selfless act of service.

AndrewTateGate Continues

January was a good month for assholes getting their just-desserts. Andrew Tate continues to be questioned by Romanian authorities, as they investigate charges that he and his brother are running a human trafficking organization. They are being accused of luring women into their luxury properties and forcing them to create pornographic content for profit, effectively holding them hostage.

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