Let's Chat: What are your goals in life and love for 2023?

Let's Chat: What are your goals in life and love for 2023?

Happy February. In order to avoid triggering you with another "New Years Resolution" post in January, we waited a whole month to share with you ours. We asked some FEASTERS to think about their goals in life, love, sex, and anything in between for 2023. 

"I recently got out of a four year relationship. now that i'm single, i'm ready to get over my fear of casual sex. maybe finally have that threesome i've been dreaming about." 

- She/Her, 30

"Be real with my new boyfriend and tell him that I don't enjoy going out as much as he does, and that I'm more of an introvert than he might think. I still want him to feel comfortable going out without me though. I just need alone time." 

- She/They, 23

"Step one, learn spanish. Step two, run away to Spain. Step three, fuck a Spanish boy." 

- He/They, 36

"Finally accept the fact that sometimes my cat sees me having sex. I need to be able to live with that."

- She/They, 23

"I quietly came out to a few friends last year, but I think this is the year I come out to my parents. I know they'll love me no matter what, but I am still so nervous to acknowledge it around them. But it's important that they know who i am, fully." 

- He/Him, 27

"Get really really good at masturbating."

- She/Her, 29

What are some of your goals this year? Let us know. And if you're totally over the word "goals," think of it as a wish list. A fantasy. A dream! Whatever gets you up in the morning. 

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