march digest

How many times this week have you heard "Can you believe it's almost April?" Well, here it is one more time. 

march digest

How many times this week have you heard "Can you believe it's almost April?" Well, here it is one more time. As we roll into springtime, there's a lot to digest from the month of March. Here are some need-to-know headline news in sex, gender and politics, and pop culture.


Tennessee's Lieutenant Governor, 79-year-old Randy McNally, was found commenting on thirst traps from 20-year-old gay performer Franklyn Superstar from his public Instagram account. Oops. 

McNally is understandably receiving scrutiny, after having passed several laws targeting LGBTQ citizens. He voted in favor of the bill that recently banned public drag shows in Nashville. He recently reiterated that he believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.


Are we surprised that it's taken us so long to find out that snakes have clitorises? The irony is too much. Although we've been studying snakes for hundreds of years, scientists discovered evidence of hemiclitores in 9 different species of snakes just this month. Why does this matter? Well, all clits matter, if you ask us. But, the delay in this discovery highlights a double standard that appears almost everywhere in the scientific and medical community- clits of all kinds have been ignored for far too long.


Last week, almost 400 lawmakers in Uganda voted in favor of passing a strict anti-LGBT bill. The bill imposes jail time up to 10 years for "attempted homosexuality," as well as the death penalty for what they're calling "aggravated sexuality." The bill now makes its way to the desk of the President, who can either veto or sign it into law. Unfortunately, the Ugandan President has expressed support for this legislation in the past.


One of the most famous people on the planet has just made her acting debut in a big way. Billie Eilish, who has kept her own sexuality private, kisses another woman in Donald Glover's new Prime Original Series, 'Swarm.' While her queerness is arguably the smallest part of the character's plot, seeing such an influential person present non-straight sexuality has to be meaningful to Eilish's fan base of young people.


At 16 years old, Zaya Wade is a prolific figure in the young trans community. Despite all she's accomplished so far, March was a big month for her. She walked for Miu Miu in Milan Fashion Week, her first fashion show. She also graced DAZED Magazine, her first magazine cover. Her parents, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade, have used their influence to highlight trans issues and push for advocacy, since Zaya came out in 2014.

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