Heart Struck Bundle

Interactive Conversation Game

FEAST X mixed feelings

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Prepare to dive headfirst into a world where love knows no boundaries with the Heart Struck Bundle by FEAST X mixed feelings. Inside this captivating bundle, you'll find the Taking Hearts Interactive Game, a daring oracle with provocative prompts to spark fiery conversations. The Pure Fuckery Necklace where you can wear your rebellious heart around your neck with the barbed wire heart, while our temporary stick and poke Afraid of Commitment tattoo sheet lets you add a dash of rebellious charm to your look.

Disclaimer: FEAST X Mixed Feelings is not responsible for any heart palpitations, wild confessions, or newfound love affairs that may result from using this bundle. Use with caution and an adventurous spirit.

Product Details


An interactive game made for old friends, new lovers, or even some introspective me-time. 20 prompts. Infinite answers. Play with your heart. It’s fun.  


18k white gold plated, barbed-wire Purefuckery Heart Necklace is a statement piece that combines twisted beauty with a dash of wicked humor. This ain't your typical lovey-dovey necklace; it's for those who are ready to embrace the purefuckery within.


Everything is temporary. Including these “Afraid of Commitment'' temporary tattoos. This item includes two tattoo sheets + 9 hand-drawn illustrations - designed and inspired by the FEAST x Mixed Feelings teams to satisfy your temporary cravings. Guaranteed to last as long as your latest 24-hour crush.